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Holy Week 2019, new exhibition at the Mollina Museum

A year and a half after the opening of the Permanent Nativity Exhibit of the Díaz Caballero Foundation, the Mollina Museum hosts the 2019 Holy Week exhibition. Do not miss it!
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10 essential visits for lovers of belenismo

Since the beginning of December, associations, institutions and individuals have shown to the public the cribs they have worked so carefully for weeks. To visit these nativity scenes will be this Christmas, next to the
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10 tips to give more realism to your Bethlehem

We fully enter the Nativity scene by nature. From the beginning of December to the 6 of January, many homes in Spain and the rest of the countries with tradition
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Mount the Bethlehem: the characters of the portal

Many of you will be about to complete the assembly of the Bethlehem portal. Some of you will already have done it; and those of you who have a small manger may do so during
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